We Work Best When We Are Whole and Healthy

by Caitlin (CJ) Jones

Each October we celebrate Careers in Students Affairs Month. Countless professionals plan programs and host sessions to spur top leaders into considering the path so many of us chose. Then we move into November, an overall tough month. We are nearing the end of the semester: faculty are preparing for finals, staff are intentionally connecting to those with various post-midterm alerts, undergraduate students are anxiously awaiting a break and second year graduate students are nervously preparing for the upcoming job search. Continue reading

Supervising Support and 3 Questions to Ask Someone You’re Worried About

by Jodi Langsfeld

As a student affairs professional, I believe it is pivotal we create an environment that is safe and supportive for our student body.  I believe we are the people they should think of turning to when they need something…almost anything.  And, even when we can’t personally provide them what they need, we are still here to help.  We educate them on what resources are available to them, who to call, where to go, we can even make these connections for and with them. This is our job and an expectation I have for any member of the team I work with. Continue reading