The Committed Podcast Intro

The Committed Podcast Intro
Season 1

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A few months ago, a good friend of The Committed Project, Laura Pasquini, suggested to me (Kristen) that I listen to a podcast called Sincerely, X. This podcast told stories from anonymous contributors around many controversial subjects and allowed them to share their perspective and their ideas with how to make things better for everyone. Laura asked me, what if you did something similar with Committed?

Fast forward many months later, and here we are getting ready to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month 2018 with a new set of stories from higher ed professionals experiencing mental illness – via podcast. Welcome to The Committed Podcast, where with each episode, we’ll be interviewing a different individual about their experience in higher ed, their experience with mental illness, and how they’ve combined the two. We hope you’ll join us to hear these fascinating stories and learn more about why it’s important to stomp out the stigma around mental illness in higher ed.


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  1. AWESOME IDEA, LADIES! Hopefully others will share their stores and those that listen will know they’re not alone. Wishing you much success.

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