Episode 1: Counselors Have Depression, Too

Episode 1: Counselors Have Depression, Too
Season 1

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In our first full episode, I get a chance to talk to a woman who is a Ph.D. student in counseling and experiences depression. Throughout her life, doctors have diagnosed her with a number of different illnesses, but as she has gotten older, they have begun to recognize that depression is the correct diagnosis.

She talks to us about how her mental illness can impact her studies, her work as a therapist in the campus counseling center, and her ability to teach her classes. In addition, she talks about the stigma surrounding a therapist with a mental illness. Take a listen to learn more about her story.


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One thought on “Episode 1: Counselors Have Depression, Too

  1. Great job. Good honest communication. Others will hopefully listen to the story and see a piece of themselves here and realize they are not alone. Higher ed professionals are also people who struggle and because of their professions and what others “expect” from them, they are dealing with multiple stressors which people not may realize. Even people not in this particular profession, can gain insight and realize they are not alone. I know I have. Thanks for sharing.

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